Online Based Life Coaching

Life Coaching is open to clients that are dealing with mild levels of anxiety or motivational problems and are seeking any of the following:

  • Clarifying life goals
  • Clarifying life purpose
  • Assistance with achieving goals
  • Learning and practicing effective behavioral strategies for self management
  • Changing habits for a healthier lifestyle
  • Learning how to meditate and bring mindful awareness into your day to day life
  • Identity clarification or Identity development
  • Exploring self limiting anxieties and beliefs that are/could be holding you back from your successes
  • Discovering your ideal life path or lifestyle
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Improving communication style
  • Improving relationship with your mind
  • Practical tips on how to manage anxiety and mood
  • A professional to hold you accountable for your successes
  • and more

Life Coaching can be offered either by video conference or phone, and there is no difference in fee from mental health counseling.  Since Life Coaching is an unregulated profession, there are no geographical restraints as to who I am legally able to coach.

Video Based Life Coaching

I offer Life Coaching by video conference on the same health care provider video conference platform for utmost security.  You can explore this platform here.  

Life Coaching by Phone

Life Coaching can also be offered by phone for those with a US based phone number.  


How do I know if I need Life Coaching or Mental Health Counseling?  What is the Difference?

While both coaching and mental health counseling with me are both centered around your strengths and achieving your goals and ideal lifestyle, mental health counseling can very much involve talking about your past, exploring past traumas and abusive relationships, and unhooking you from deep seated anxieties that are holding you back SIGNIFICANTLY in your day to day life.  For example, if you are unable to leave your home, go to work, or take care of yourself in any of the basic areas of your life, I recommend that you seek mental health counseling.  My approach to mental health counseling is very similar to that of coaching, but there is also a lot of exploration of that past and difficult traumas and feelings, with less of an emphasis on clarifying and and achieving big goals until you are emotionally ready to get there.

Life Coaching is ideal for those that are currently working or actively exploring career or life options, for those ready to map out goals and explore what it is that is holding them back, and for those that are curious about who they are and what their life purpose is.  Life Coaching helps people who are ready to begin their journey to self-realization and want to learn how anxiety and motivation plays a role in their life, and how to properly relate to and manage these mental obstacles.  Life Coaching is also super helpful for those struggling to make big life decisions.

If you are still unsure about which service is best for you, apply for a free consultation with me by clicking the button at the bottom of this page and I will screen you for which service is ideal for you.


What makes a Mental Health Counselor an Ideal Life Coach?

A effective Life Coach needs to have a solid understanding of how to connect, empathize, and understand their clients, and most importantly a good life coach should be trained to not provide advice but rather skillfully question and guide their clients to their own self discovery.  It is also important that life coaches recognize any possible signs that their clients may need more in depth mental health therapy so that they can make the right referral when needed.  Licensed mental health counselors learn these skills at the master's level and they are further refined with rigorous internship, practicum, and licensure experience (meaning, at least 3 years of supervision and examination of these skills post academia).  Life Coaches are not held to these same training requirements, even those that tout coaching certifications.  There are many certifications out there that a Coach can get, but to be a coach one is not required to have any specific training as the coaching field is unregulated.


What Makes Me an Effective Life Coach

So, you might be asking: why don't all mental health counselors provide life coaching if they are so well equipped for it?  Therapists specialize in a variety of areas and choose the kinds of approaches that they use based on their client population and the diagnoses that they treat.  I have chosen to offer Life Coaching since I have adopted a therapeutic style that is very much in line with guiding and coaching clients to their ideal self and lifestyle that is centered around behavior change.  In addition to being a Licensed Mental Health counselor, I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, which is an additional 2 years of specialization focused around the science of behavior, why we do what we do, and how to crack behavior change.  It was through the study of Applied Behavior Analysis that I found their evidence based therapy model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which is rooted in identity and value discovery and how to achieve a fulfilling life that is aligned with your values.


Learn How to Meditate with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy / ACT based Coaching


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