1. How does online therapy work?

Just like regular face to face therapy, you will schedule an appointment with me for either a video, telephone, or text based session on my private platform.  You will be billed after the session is completed.  If you would prefer to receive counseling by back and forth message, you can schedule for a weekly messaging package.  You can write to me in your own time, and you will receive at least one response back from me a day.



2. Is your online therapy legal, secure, and HIPAA compliant?

Yes, I use a platform called Wecounsel that complies with all HIPAA standards.  You can trust that our communications will be totally secure here.



3. What happens if there are technical difficulties?

I understand that technical difficulties happen sometimes, so we will do our best to ensure that nothing gets in the way of a successful session.  On the Wecounsel platform, there is always technical support just a chat away, and you can schedule a test session for free before we have our first session.



4. Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance at this time.  However, I can provide you with a receipt that some insurance companies may be willing to reimburse you for.  



5. I have never been to counseling before, can I use online counseling?

Yes, online counseling can work very nicely for anyone trying counseling for the first time.



6. Do you provide couples counseling?

At this time I only work with individuals.



7. Can I quit counseling at any time?




8. When are you available for sessions?

I am available Tuesdays through Thursdays, 9am until 5pm EST.  My schedule is flexible and I can accommodate some evening sessions Tuesdays and Wednesdays.



9. Can I remain anonymous while working with you?

As a licensed counselor I am not legally allowed to treat anyone anonymously, however with licensure I am required to adhere to HIPAA standards to keep your information confidential and secure.  The great thing about online therapy is that you can see me where you feel most comfortable.



10. What kind of technology will I need to be able to use online counseling?

For live sessions by video, you will need a computer or smartphone with a camera and video capability.  If you have a computer without a camera built in, you can buy a webcam with a microphone built in to connect to your computer.  If you are seeking message only based counseling, just a device with internet connection and a browser application is all that you will need.



11. What do I need to do to get started?

First, click here to apply for a FREE 15 minute consultation.  You will have the opportunity to ask me some questions during this consultation and I will tell you everything that you need to know about me and my practice to get started.  If we decide to move forward with counseling, you will register as my client here and I will send you the following forms for you to review, fill out, and sign electronically: Client Agreement, Privacy Practices, and Emergency Plan.  I will also request for you to send me a photo of your ID.  In our first and second sessions, I will do a brief assessment interview and ask you about your goals and we will make a plan together for you.

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