Online Mental Health Therapy

I offer mental health counseling to adults of all ages and backgrounds.  The counseling I provide is entirely online based, and can be offered through any of the following ways:

  • Counseling by Video Conference ("Skype" Therapy)

  • Counseling by Phone ("Phone" Therapy)

  • Counseling by Message ("Email" Therapy)

  • Counseling by live chat ("Text" Therapy)

Video Based Counseling // "Skype" Therapy

Video based counseling is completed through a fully secured, HIPAA compliant health care platform with secure video conferencing capabilities.  You can access my directory listing on this platform here if you would like to explore what the platform looks like.  Video based counseling is most similar to traditional face to face therapy and is very convenient. 

Benefits of Online, Video based Therapy

If you live in a rural area, online therapy means not having to travel far to see an effective therapist.  If you live abroad or travel frequently, online video therapy means that you can see your therapist from anywhere.  If you simply have a busy schedule, online video therapy means no need to set aside extra time to commute to your therapy appointment. If anxiety makes it tough for you to leave the house, video therapy will make it possible for you to follow through on your mental health goals.


Phone Counseling

Counseling by phone is available to clients who have a US based phone number.  Phone Counseling is only as secure as cell phone lines can be, and any client choosing phone counseling is doing so at their own risk of possible data breach.  Phone counseling is just as convenient as video based counseling in that it can be done from the comfort of your own home, and is a preferred choice for many who aren't sure if they are ready for face to face therapy or if they do not have a reliable internet connection for completing appointments by video conference.

Live "Texting" or Chat Session

If you would like to talk to me in real time, but without video or phone, we can also chat or "text" in real time for a full 50 minute therapy session from the platform that I use for video based and message based counseling.


Online Therapy for Expats and Nomads

I can provide mental health counseling to anyone living in and/or with permanent residence in the state of Florida.  There are some countries that regulate mental health counseling services that prohibit me from being able to practice to any adult in their geographic jurisdiction, and these countries include the United States and Canada.  For citizens/residents of the United States, I can only work with you if you live in or primarily live in Florida.  Most other countries do not regulate the practice, and citizens and/or residents/temporary visa holders/tourists have the freedom to choose and agree to whichever therapist they would like to see, under whichever jurisdiction that the therapist subscribes to (which in my case is the Florida Board of Mental Health).  If you are an expat or nomad currently residing in a foreign country or actively traveling around, I will need to know which country or countries you are living in or visiting in order to double check regulations and permissions to ensure that we will be able to work together without any problems.


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