Message Based Therapy // "Email" Therapy

Message based therapy is accessed through a fully secured, HIPAA compliant health care platform, the same platform that I offer my video conference counseling services.  You can access my directory listing on this platform here if you would like to explore what this platform looks like.  Message based therapy comes in varying weekly package levels, the first package beginning with you being able to message me up to 1500 words, or 3 pages of type, over the course of Monday through Thursday.  Package offerings come in increments of 1500 words.  On the therapy platform, you will have what resembles an email "mailbox" where you can send me messages and we will message back and forth for the week, with an option to view these messages in a clear thread.  You can expect being able to message me as often as you wish during the week, not exceeding the word/page count that you have subscribed to, and receiving one thorough, therapeutic message back from me for every day that you message me.  In my messages back to you, I will inform you of your word count so far.

Benefits of Message Based, Email Therapy

There are many unique benefits that come from message based therapy.  Along with not needing to travel anywhere to see your therapist, you also don't need to set aside any specific time to "meet" with your therapist, so this therapy modality is ideal for clients with very busy lifestyles.  It is also a wonderful way to give therapy a try, if seeing or talking to a therapist is something that brings up too much anxiety for you to be able to benefit from right now.  I have had many clients begin with message based counseling and slowly work their way up to video based or phone counseling.  Message based counseling is also a great way to give access to therapy to people living in areas with minimal internet connection that does not have the bandwidth to support video counseling.  An obvious benefit to message based therapy is that you get to take your time explaining what you are going through to me, with no time restraints, and you get to keep my therapeutic responses back to you for reference.  I have had many clients tell me that they have saved responses from me that were especially helpful for them, so that they can re-read them whenever they needed it.

Message based Therapy can be used in conjunction of a phone or video session, which can help with preparing for a session and debriefing from a session - ensuring that you talk about everything that you need to talk about in your session, and following up with your therapist after a session with feedback and questions about specific techniques that were practiced in session.


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